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“If you don’t have the correct map you will never reach the desired destination.” Hi I am Tonka, yes not like in the toy… I’ve been getting this my whole life. I love getting down to the science of things and that has been one of the strongest driving forces in my professional and personal life. Born and raised in Bulgaria, I was 4 years old when my grand mother came to visit and brought a beautiful doll as a gift for me. I was mesmerized with the bright blue eyes of the toy that kept blinking at me… It didn’t take long before I took a pair of scissors and opened the head of the doll to figured this out! I still remember the look on my granny’s face when I showed her what I did and tried to explain why the doll’s eyes were moving… She was in shock, started crying and returned home the next morning! Years later my Mom gave me her version of the event; my poor grandma was devastated and told my Mom she was raising a serial killer! My early school years were a nightmare! Now I know why but back then the struggle was real. In 5th grade we were given an assignment to write an essay about the engine that never stops moving. Everyone wrote about spaceships and submarines, I wrote about the human heart… well it didn’t go so well! I not only got the lowest grade in the entire class but the teacher asked who wrote my homework, which to me was worst than my grade. I was faced with the dilemma to follow the direction the school system wanted me to or to take the road less traveled and follow my intuition and true inspiration.

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